Texas TE Gray earning early attention

One of the most physically developed prospects in North Texas this year has to be Sherman, Texas tight end Jeremy Gray.
The 6-foot-7, 240-pounder has some experience at defensive end, but his ability on the offensive side of the ball is drawing the most interest. Coach Drew Young says that the colleges are certainly showing him plenty of attention in the late portion of February.
"He hasn't had any offers, but he gets a bunch of mail everyday," Young said about Gray. "Wisconsin sends something everyday, then Missouri, SMU, Iowa, Duke, and Oklahoma State send stuff. Texas Tech has sent some stuff as well.

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"I think he's pretty open to everybody."
Starting as a sophomore, Gray was a second-team all-district defensive end. Coach Young likes Gray's potential as an offensive player.
"I just think he's a tight end or possibly a future offensive tackle," Young said. "He's played some offensive tackle already. I don't know if he's got the burst for defensive end. That's not to say he couldn't play there either."
"We were going to split him out wide last year, but he had a meniscus injury. This year, we're definitely going to get him out there."
The talent doesn't stop there. There is a sophomore there by the name of Waymon James who has made quite the name for himself as a top running back.
"He's a speed guy, he can go," Young said about James. "The last big time running back I coached was when I was in Ardmore, Oklahoma and it was a kid named Rafael Denson who played at Oklahoma State. Now, James isn't as quick as Rafael was, but he's bigger and stronger.
"He's probably a better running back right now than Rafael as a sophomore. He had over 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns. Against Dennison, he had more than 300 yards."
Another name to watch at Sherman is sophomore offensive guard named Josh Higgins. The 6-foot-3, 275-pounder reminds coach Young of another former player from Sherman he could, Oklahoma State and Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman Charlie Johnson.
"He compares favorably to Charlie," Young said about Higgins. "He started for us at the beginning of his sophomore season, but strained his knee ligament. What's good about him is he's extremely smart and he's already probably got a 3.5 GPA. He's one I think can play at the next level."