Texas sleeper is more than qualified

As signing day approaches, schools will continue to search for that sleeper prospect that may have slipped through the early cracks. In the state of Texas, one such prospect resides at Rockwall (Texas) Heath.George Bamfo is a speedy, instinctual linebacker prospect that could end up being a late recruiting steal.
His senior season speaks for itself.
"The season was pretty good," Bamfo said. "I ended up with I think 144 tackles and an interception. I think I had 18 tackles for a loss."

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Currently, the Ghana native holds offers from Stephen F. Austin, Portland State and a couple other smaller programs. However, some recent news may increase college interest.
"I made an 18 on my ACT," he said. "That was very big because the test is a big part of it. You gotta make that score to go so when I made it I was relieved."
Already Bamfo has received some interest from some major programs.
"Some other schools have stepped on the scene like Missouri, Houston and Kansas. Kansas, I'm not sure what's going on with that situation. I was supposed to visit Kansas this weekend but some things came up and they rescheduled my visit. Houston they may call me later on in the week because their coordinator was out recruiting. New Mexico State, they may offer too."
Though at 6-foot-0, and 210 pounds, Bamfo doesn't have ideal size for a college linebacker, he is big enough. Though some colleges may have their doubts, no doubt resides in Bamfo's mind.
"It's all good if I get an offer from a big school because that's where everyone wants to play at but if I don't, I know what kind of player I am," he said. "I think it all comes down to the size issue so really if you don't want me because of my size, that's your loss. I haven't seen a game where size helps you make a tackle."
If Bamfo lacks a little bit in size, he certainly makes up for it everywhere else. Evidenced by his stats and all-district status, Bamfo has proven to be a playmaker for Heath.
"I think, team-wise, I'm a hard worker," he said. "I'm a team player and on the field I've got the speed and I've got the quickness and I think I can make plays so that's what I can bring to a team."
After moving to Texas from Ghana only five years ago, Bamfo was a little bit behind academically but he has overcome that obstacle and looks ready to face the next obstacle whether that be in the Big 12 or not.