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Texas safety not impressed

Vickiel Vaughn gave the impression last week that he knew that his trip to West Virginia wasn't going to be earth shattering and probably wouldn't effect his decision all that much. So what did he think after he actually made the trip?
"It was a nice trip, but they aren't a team that is really going to play a big role in where I end up," he said. "At least I have an idea what a trip is like though now."
Vaughn from Plano (Texas) West gave the impression that the Mountaineers are all but eliminated from consideration – even though he gave the visit an eight on a scale from one to 10.
"Like I say their coachers are nice guys but I mean they got beat up on pretty good," he said. "I understand they were playing a really good team but it's hard to see a team lose like that and still want to be out there."
Vaughn said he is still considering the same six schools mentioned last week Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, UCLA, Michigan State, and Miami.
“Those are going to be my teams,” Vaughn said. “I just think I fit in there better than the others.”