Texas S has top three

Houston Westfield standout safety Corey Campbell was on the radio earlier today in Arkansas. Campbell said it was a nervous attempt in trying to explain how he is going to make his decision.
"I wasn't really comfortable on there," Campbell said. "They all just assumed that I was going to go to Arkansas, but I've not made a decision on that. I've still got a few visits that I can take."
Plus, he's got a top three - instead of a top one - like he said the radio show made it sound like.
"My top three are Arkansas, Tennessee and Iowa State," Campbell said. "I've already been to Arkansas and Iowa State. I'm supposed to visit Tennessee on January 17."
Campbell said he was scheduled to visit Oklahoma back on December 20, but said he's not sure where he stands with the Sooners at this point.
"They're not really talking to me as much as they were before," Campbell said. "I might still visit them, but they're not really sure where they stand with me, and I feel the same way with them."