Texas rusher likes a few

Houston (Texas) Jersey Village running back Anthony Bibbs is more worried at this point about his senior season and school than where he's going to play college football at. But that's still not stopping the 5-foot-10, 193-pounder from picking up quite a bit of interest from colleges all over the Heartland.
"I'm working hard, all the time," Bibbs said. "Recruiting is going really good right now. I'm chilling right now and focusing on my school. I'm going to let recruiting go on after football season. It's still going good, though."
Bibbs does have offers from Arizona, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and is getting heavy interest from Iowa State, Missouri and Fresno State. He said he's got his eyes focused on a few schools in that group.
"I'm pretty sure where I'm going, so all the new offers don't matter to me," he said. "It's probably between Oklahoma State and Arizona, but I'm really looking at Nebraska too. That's another team that's moving up."
What does he like about the Cowboys and Wildcats?
"Well, I like the recruiting process, and I know Oklahoma State's program is going to sky rocket," he said. "Their facilities are good. Barry Sanders went to Oklahoma State and that's my favorite running back. Arizona, I'm not real familiar with them, but they're in the Pac-10, and I'd get a good shot at USC.
"I want to go to a competitive conference. I've got to look at from my family perspective, when you think about the Big 12 you've got Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor to play. I know that my mom wants to go to all of the games. I just want to be comfortable since I've got to stay there for four years of my life."
Bibbs said Nebraska – even though the Huskers are running out of room in the 2008 class and might be close to landing Jonas Gray – would also be an option he'd consider.
"I just found up that they're top 20 in the nation," he said. "That's a powerhouse. I like a winning program, and they're never had a big drop, just a little drop, but still went to bowl games. They're hard-nose teams, I like running teams, Ahman Green went there. It's not a flaw, but I'm from Texas so I'm not used to cold weather. That's the only thing. Me and coach Shawn Watson are real close. Everything is good up there. We've got a good relationship."
Bibbs said he might check some schools out this fall, but he still does want to remain focused on the 2007 season.
"Yes sir, hopefully I can take some, but I don't want to miss any practice," he said. "So it depends on the timing and how things are going. As long as everything is good with my senior season, I'll go to some places. I want to finish this year with a bang, so it all depends. I would love to, though."