Texas RB racking up offers

Some guys like to commit before their senior year, some like to commit during, and some right after. None of these situations apply to Jersey Village, Texas, standout running back Selvin Young.

"I'm going to wait until signing day before I make my choice." Young said. "This is a lot of fun and I just want to enjoy it while I can."

When you are 5-foot-11 weigh a 195 pounds and can run a 4.36 40-yard dash, colleges will wait for you no matter what. They definitely will for Young.

"My top five would be Oklahoma, LSU, Colorado, UCLA, and Texas,” he said. "They have all offered, I'm beginning to think I'm going to get out of Texas."

Even with his considerable skills Young has still been working out all summer long trying to improve.

"We have been working out since the last day of school,” Young said. "I've got my bench at 305 my squat is 460 and my incline is at 265."

Young said a few teams in his top five standout – especially Oklahoma and LSU.

“I like what Oklahoma does with their running backs,” Young said. “They look like me out there. I like to also come out of the backfield and catch it. LSU has it going on. They are a great up and coming program. It’s also the SEC.”