Texas RB pushes back visit

Houston Booker T. Washington was one of the top teams in the state of Texas early on, but a recent losing streak has put a damper on things and dropped its record to 3-2.
Despite the struggles lately, athlete/running back Brandon Jackson is working hard and racking up yards and interest from the colleges.
“I’m over 300 or 400 yards easily,” Jackson, who is 6-foot and 212 pounds, said. “I’ve only gotten around 40 carries, though. We have a lot of weapons on offense, so we have to get the ball spread around to everybody.”

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Jackson, ranked as the No. 97 player in the state of Texas by Rivals.com, said he’s still looking hard at the same teams as he was in early October. However, with the coaching change at Arizona, he’ll have to re-work his official visit.
“I’m still saying Oklahoma is my No. 1 team,” Jackson said. “They’re up there still. I talked to them last week and they want to see what my next test score is like before they offer me. I’m going to still visit Arizona, but it’ll now be later in the year, instead of December 5. I’d like to visit them as long as the new coaches want me.”
Jackson said other teams like Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Syracuse and LSU are still on his list. He has scholarship offers from Wisconsin, Arizona and Houston.