Texas QB has three co-favorites

Waco, Texas Robert Johnson has three schools at the top of his list, but none of them are his favorite.
"I don't want any school to be called 'my favorite' school," the 6-foot-3, 195-pound Johnson said. "Arkansas, Kansas State and Nebraska are my co-favorites. They're all up there."
But the three schools aren't alone on Johnson's list.
"I am also hearing from Oklahoma State and Baylor quite a bit."
Johnson, a Waco star, is receiving some pressure about satying in the city to play for the hometown Bears.
"I am getting pressure from a lot of people to play for Baylor. But I think there is better than good chance that I'll leave Waco to play football."
But all of the talk is basically on hold until Johnson completes his season.
"I'm not setting up any visits or anything until after our season. We're 8-0 on the year so we've got some good things ahead of us hopefully. The recruiting will still be there after we're done."
Johnson, who has 1,038 yards passing and 580 yards rushing on the season, has been to one game this year and was scheduled to attend one this past weekend.
"I went to Arkansas vs. Auburn to see Arkansas," Johnson said. "It was a good game. And I was set to go watch Baylor against K-State so I could watch the Wildcats in person. But I got sick after our game on Friday and wasn't able to attend."