Texas QB has offers from Big 12 schools

A few more schools have entered the recruiting race for talented Waco, Texas quarterback and athlete Robert Johnson.
Johnson was asked how recruiting was going for him.
"Things are going good," the 6-foot-3, 195-pounder said. "I've been offered by Missouri and Arkansas Coach Houston Nutt told me over the phone that they were offering me. I haven't got the papers in the mail yet though.
"A Nebraska coach called me and said that he was going to talk to the head coach about offering me too. He said that they were probably going to offer me soon."
Johnson said that distance didn't matter to him and that he would have no problem going out of state to school. He did mention some things that were important to his final choice though.
The schools who are currently high on Johnson's list are: (in order of mention)
Baylor - "It seems like they're going to be pretty good this year and have a good team. I talked to Coach Steele and he seemed like a pretty good guy. He talked about their program and everything. They have good academics there."
Texas - "I like Texas' offense. Derrick Johnson goes there and he tells me it's a good school. I played with him my sophomore year."
Texas A&M - "It's a pretty good school."
Nebraska - "I like the offense they run. I like to the run option and I like to pass too. In their offense you get to run and pass the ball. I like how their quarterback is involved in almost all of the plays in the game."
Oklahoma - "I like their team. I like their offense too. I went to the Cotton Bowl when they played against Arkansas and saw them. Vince Carter was my center for my sophomore year and he tells me it's a good school."