Texas OL Schwartzstein getting early looks

There is yet another prospect on the radar for the defending state champion Southlake (Texas) Carroll team.
That is the 6-foot-3, 257-pound offensive guard prospect Sam Schwartzstein who has played virtually all over the offensive line. The second-team all-district selection is also watching his recruiting process start to take off.
"I actually play left tackle right now and that's where I've been at mostly," Schwartzstein said. "I've played all of the offensive line positions and I know how all of them work. I'm not a bruiser type, but I'm one of the people that tries to get the job done while being technically sound."

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Schwartzstein hasn't been shy about taking visits either. So far, he's taken some trips to schools such as Oklahoma and Rice. He's also been receiving attention from Colorado, SMU, Vanderbilt, Kansas, and Iowa to name a few.
"There isn't a clear favorite, I do like SMU and I like Oklahoma," he said. "I'm just really looking at everything education-wise and a good mix between athletics and academics."
One in-state school has shown increased interest in him by the day.
"SMU has been talking about how they think I'm at the top of their list and stuff like that," he said. "There hasn't been an offer yet."
Upcoming trips may include Vanderbilt or Baylor this weekend. Schwartzstein also plans to make a stop at the NIKE Training Camp at TCU next month.