Texas OL likes Pokes, Tigers Bruins

Junior to Watch: Tyrone Byrd
School: Fort Bend (Texas) Hightower
Position: Offensive Tackle
Size and Speed: Byrd is 6-foot-5, 265-pounds. He has been clocked at 5.10 seconds in the 40-yard dash.
Honors: Byrd was named first-team all-district offensive tackle in a unanimous vote. He was also named second-team all-state underclassmen.
Favorite Schools: While many schools have expressed intereset, Byrd's top three schools are Oklahoma State, LSU and UCLA.
Skinny: Things are pretty much the same on the recruiting front for Byrd, with the only change being the frequency of the letters arriving in the mailbox.
"There are more and more all the time in our mailbox," Byrd said of the letters from college coaches. "UCLA has sent a couple more recently. My interest has picked up in them too."
Byrd's top three schools, Oklahoma State, LSU and UCLA, are there because they just "stick out" to the standout offensive tackle.
"Oklahoma State has offered me a scholarship," Byrd said. "That puts them right up there, sticking out from the others that haven't offered.
"LSU has offered and I just really like the way they do things there. They just have this feel to them about things.
"UCLA has increased their interest in me and I just like them from what I know so far. They have told me they will offer me if my grades stay in line. That won't be a problem for me."
Byrd hasn't finalized his summer camp schedule yet, but is looking at some options.
"Iowa and Oklahoma State have written me with invitations to come to their camps. There are several others who have written about their camps, but those two are the only two who have invited me so far. But, I haven't finalized my choices or anything."