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Texas OL following in school tradition

It's not a big surprise that there is another star born at Kilgore (Texas) High School where last year five-star Texas signee Eddie Jones made waves and fellow defender Wayne Daniels watched his stock rise all the way until his final decision.
So when the 6-foot-5, 290-pound offensive guard Michael Huey's tape began circulating around, it didn't take long for scholarship offers to follow. Now, the Big 12 and several other conference schools are taking notice with written and verbal offers. On top of the mail flooding his mailbox, it's been pretty successful for being just February.
"Our mailbox is full everyday," Huey's father Robby Huey said. "We've got a hard time keeping track of who's offered and who hasn't because it all came so fast. Michael just has to sit down and open them all which can get confusing."
Aside from the fun that his son is obviously having, written scholarships are being taken very seriously by the talented young man. He knows of at least four that he holds in his hand.
"Houston verbally offered me as a sophomore, then sent me the written one not too long ago," Huey said. "Then when my junior year was getting underway I got written offers from Kansas State, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State. From what I know, I think that's all I have so far."
That doesn't include the mail he's receiving from Iowa, Arkansas, LSU, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, and many other big programs.
Some more written offers could just be a day away.
"I'm going to the Texas junior day this weekend and I've gotten wind that something might be coming from them," Huey said. "I've also heard the same thing about OU."
As a junior, he got his chance to be a full-time starter for Kilgore. He used that time to not only get better, but soak up as much information from seniors like Jones and Daniels on how recruiting was going to go.
Obviously, the advice was needed as things are already getting hectic.
"They just told me to find out where I really wanted to go and keep my options open," Huey said about the advice for the older players. "They also said to never stop working hard."
With his trip to the Texas junior day this weekend, Huey maintains he has no favorites, but to stay in his home state would be something he would prefer.
"I want to keep my options open, but I'd like to stay in Texas," he said. "I do plan on going to some other camps and junior days though. I'm going to the Oklahoma State one on March 4."
"I'm trying to get around and check out different atmospheres and not base my ideas on one thing."