Texas LB looking ahead 1 year

Houston, Texas linebacker Terrence Smith will be heading to junior college.
“Right now I’m looking at Kilgore JC, Trinity JC and Northwest Mississippi JC,” Smith said. “I have visited both Kilgore and Trinity and liked both. I would say they are even, but I still want to see Northwest Mississippi JC before deciding.”
Terrence will be visiting Northwest Mississippi Junior College on Feb. 15.
Smith has not been placed at a junior college by a four-year school. He is going on his own.
“I want to try and get most of my major done in one year and then get back to a Division 1 school, if I can get right into my major. If not, then I will go two years and then try and get back into Division 1.”
“My favorite schools would be Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida and Texas," he said about what schools he might consider after one year at a junior college. "I definitely want to give those four schools a look, when I’m ready to leave junior college.”
“All four schools are looking at me at linebacker. Oklahoma and Nebraska both have talked to me about middle linebacker.”