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Texas LB brings speed, versatility

It's not a bad problem to have but Duncanville, Texas coach Dan Schriber doesn't know how to answer the question.
His star linebacker, the 6-foot, 205-pound heavy-hitter Mychal Sisson is becoming one of the hottest targets in the state of Texas for the recruiting class of 2007. The only question colleges have is whether he'll be an inside or outside backer on the next level.
Schriber says it doesn't really matter.
"Let's just say I'm glad he's on our side," Schriber said about his defender. "Michael does things you can't coach. He's going to end up weighing 230 or 235 pounds and he'll make plays wherever he ends up. Do I think his size will limit him? No, I don't.
"Colleges will find a spot for him where he can make plays."
The first-team all-district selection Sisson started his varsity career during his sophomore year.
"We had a three linebacker rotation going with him and so he may not have started the very first play, but he was in on just as many reps as the other two guys out there," Schriber explained. "This last year, he probably would have been the District MVP if we hadn't fumbled the ball four times against DeSoto."
Schriber says he has so much natural ability, that other linebackers either on the Duncanville side or elsewhere get themselves in trouble trying to duplicate his play.
"You always tell linebackers that if they're going to run through, they better make the tackle and if not, to stay put," Schriber said. "The other ones see Mychal run through there come around and makes a big play on the other side of the field. They try it, get caught up, and we're in a whole different kind of mess."
His legitimate 4.5-second 40-yard dash has helped him bring all kinds of speed to the defense for Duncanville. However, it's more than athletics for Sisson.
"He's a great student and a great kid," Schriber said. "He's already got the test score that he needs, his core (GPA) is good and there is really nothing that will hold him back."
Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, LSU, and almost the entire Big 12 to some degree has been heavy on the mail. An offer doesn't look that far out.
"He hasn't received any offers, but I think it's a deal where most schools are waiting to see if he heads to these junior days," Schriber said about Sisson. "If he had all the money in the world, I think he and his mother would have driven to almost every one of them."
Running back Vernon Frazier is a running back that adds the same punch to the offense. At 5-foot-9, 165 pounds, Schriber says that Frazier brings all the speed you could ever want.
"You better take more than just angles on him," Schriber said about Frazier. "We had a slip screen to him at one time and a couple of the defensive guys thought they had angles. They found out that he can turn something small into a huge gain if they don't look out for him."