Texas junior is all over the field

DALLAS - He may project as a linebacker in college, but top junior prospect Alvin Jordan plays a little bit of everything in high school and makes plays at each spot on the field.
According to Greenhill coach Blake Ware, the 6-foot-2, 240-pound Jordan has not only been featured at both outside and inside linebacker but also at the tailback and fullback spots as well. Ware says that his star player is the type of player that every coach wants on and off the field.
"To be honest, I wish I had 11 of him," Ware said. "He does everything we ask him to do and he's such a great vocal leader even when he's not on the field. Alvin is out there keeping the guys pumped up. He's great in the classroom and really good in our entire community."
Jordan's offensive performance has rivaled his stats on defense. So far, he's put up 929 yards and 10 touchdowns. He's accounted for 66 points on his own for his Greenhill team.
That has college coaches already knocking on the door.
"SMU and Arkansas have already called so far," Ware said. "I know once we get into the spring there will be a lot more communication with all the big schools out there."
Jordan likes all the different spots he's played on the field. However, he definitely sees himself on defense.
"I think linebacker is what I'm best at even though running the ball is something I like to do," Jordan said. "After high school maybe I could even play some defensive end."
As for recruiting, that's a ways off in his mind.
"I really haven't thought about it as much," Jordan said about college. "I'm trying to finish this year to win a championship. I would love to get stuff from Texas or Texas Tech, but I'm also interested in hearing from out-of-state schools as well. If I have to leave the state, hey, I will."
"It's all about winning with the team right now."