Texas DT staying busy

Just when you think things can’t get any busier for the nation’s No. 2 defensive tackle, they have. So what has made Duncanville, Texas, defensive tackle Xavier Lawson Kennedy so busy lately?
“We’re moving,” he said. “We’re moving to a new house about four miles away from here. We’ve got boxes and stuff all over the place. Then we have coaches trying to come in here and it’s just really hectic.”
It’s actually been hectic enough to ask coaches to not come in home tonight for visits. That’s what he did with Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops, who wanted to come in after the Sooners Big 12 title victory on Saturday.
“I told coach Stoops to come to the new house on Tuesday,” he said. “That way he can see our new place and not have to have us all worried about the other stuff.”
But before the boxes were packed, Lawson Kennedy’s house was packed with coaches.
Lawson Kennedy has had in-home visits from Texas, Texas A&M, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Florida State and a few others than he can’t even remember.
When it comes to naming a favorite, Lawson Kennedy is still reluntant to name one. He rattles off the familiar names of Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida State, Florida, Texas A&M, Southern Cal and Arkansas. But there was an unfamiliar name that is new to his list and making up some strong ground on his list.
That team is Oklahoma State.
“Oklahoma State is just pushing up my list,” he said. “They’re doing really good for the talent they have. They don’t have the talent that Texas does, but they beat OU pretty good and almost beat Texas. If they had made that field goal against them they’d be playing for the South title, instead of Oklahoma.
“I think it’s a good place and they’re not rebuilding anymore. They just need a few impact guys to get them over the top.”
It also helps that his teammate, Tommy Devereaux is also an Oklahoma State commit. But Lawson Kennedy still does not have any official visits lined up and he’s still not even close to making up his mind.
“I’m going to let coaches come into my house until Wednesday,” he said. “I’ll let the ones that couldn’t make it last week get here and say what they want. Then I’ll sit down and set up my five visits.”
Lawson Kennedy said he’s likely to visit somewhere this upcoming weekend, but isn’t sure which school at this point. But is there a secret way to land a visit? There might be.
“They’re going to have to do something really impressive on their in-home visits,” he said.
“If they do that, then I’ll be more interested. It’s getting kind of old hearing the same thing. I don’t want to hear the same stuff from different guys. You need to do something to catch my eye.”