Texas DT feels at home

DALLAS - He may have moved, but the 6-foot-2, 287-pound defensive tackle Stephen Thomas is popping up on radars again.
Now at Lancaster High School, Thomas was joined by his teammate Anthony Morgan at the Junior Day in Dallas this past weekend and it's not hard to comprehend that both of these players are going to be quite the duo along the defensive front for the big Texas program.
In fact, they were quite the team right from the start during one afternoon in the weight room.
"A couple of guys saw them lifting in the room going rep for rep with each other," Lancaster coach Cliff Keeling said several weeks ago. "I mean, you just look at these two and you know they're going to be special.
Thomas, who had some academic issues which hindered him from playing much of the season last year for North Mesquite, is back on track at Lancaster. He's ready for a new beginning, but he doesn't expect anyone to forget his name from seasons past.
"It's not necessarily a new name that I'm after, but I want to make one for the whole team that I'm a part of now," Thomas said. "I like these guys. We want to bring a ring to Lancaster and make the team the best that we can."
Thomas said early on he anticipated some problems with eligibility considering he made such a late switch between the high school programs. He also worried about decreased attention from colleges considering he had moved schools.
"We thought there would be some controversy because of everything, but it's cool now," Thomas said. "When I moved the mail stopped. But my coaches reassured me that it would be coming once they found out where I was. Then I found out you guys found me and I thought well knows where I am, so it's cool now."
Thomas claims two offers already from Texas Tech and Texas A&M. With mail coming harder than ever on top of that, there is really just one team that has been missing from that list.
"I'm waiting on my Virginia Tech mail to start," Thomas said. "That's my team man. I've just always been a fan of them. I used to always watch their defense on TV."
While Thomas gets acclimated to his new surroundings at Lancaster and with offers starting to flow in, he's not yet decided on how long his recruiting process will take. He does know that when a decision does come, he won't worry too much about delaying the announcement.
"I wouldn't say it's the sooner the better, but I'm going to take some time with it," he said. "But, if there's a school that I do like and they've offered, I'll sit down and figure it out with my parents so we can get it out of the way."