Texas DT adding more offers

Dallas (Texas) Skyline defensive tackle Steven Coleman continues to get more and more opportunities to play football.
Since last contacted, he has added Miami and Northwestern to his list of offers.
"I had previous offers from Colorado, Kansas State, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Arizona State, UCLA, West Virginia, Arkansas and Oklahoma State," Coleman said. "Now I can add those two to the list."

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The summer has also brought contact from Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU, Oklahoma, Arizona and Florida.
Even with this weighty list of contenders, the 6-foot-5, 275-pound defensive tackle admits to no favorites as yet.
Coleman has a lengthy list of his own when it comes to his requirements for a college.
“I’d like to go out of state, but I would also like my family to get to see me play.”
He is also looking for a winning tradition and a solid educational program with a strong support network.
“I want to go to a place with a great football atmosphere and a good coaching staff and group of players," Coleman said. "I’d also like to go someplace with some cooler weather.”
Coleman looks forward to improving on Skyline’s 5-5 record last season.
“I play on the offensive line, also, but prefer defense because it’s more challenging. My speed is deceptive because of my size so I use that to my advantage. I like to chase people down and hit them.”