Texas DE visiting the Aggies

Killeen (Texas) Shoemaker Brandon Joiner just returned from his third official visit, but that doesn't mean he's going to stop there with future trips.
Joiner has already made official stops at Arizona State, Nebraska, and Purdue. The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder says that while each one of them impressed him, he's not ready to name a clear leader and will take his fourth official visit this weekend.
"I have a trip planned for Texas A&M on Nov. 10," Joiner said. "That's going to be for an official visit."
Joiner says the reason he wants to visit College Station officially is not only because the Aggies have been on his list for some time, but also to fsee the football atmosphere on game day.
"I've spent a little bit of time on their campus and I got to see a basketball game, but I never really got a feel for a football day," Joiner said about A&M. "They've always been on my list. Now, I'll have that chance to experience that and meet all the people around the town."
Jonier says that when he started this process, he wanted to visit Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Nebraska before committing. With one visit spot remaining, he says that the Cowboys look the most likely to get that trip before he commits.
"I'll take a trip to OSU before it's all said and done," Joiner said. "The places I've been to so far have stacked up to each other. Every time I take a trip, it just gets harder.
"I went to Arizona State first and it was on top. Then I went to Nebraska, and they became dead-even with them. Now after the Purdue trip this past weekend, they're even with the other two."