Texas DE shooting up charts

When talking about the fastest rising prospects in the nation, any conversation without mentioning defensive end Tim Washington of Sugar Land (Texas) Dulles would be incomplete.
Washington, who is 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds, has worked hard in the spring evaluation period to make himself one of the nation’s best players. The recent Rivals100 selection has seen his stock skyrocket through the roof, and if he’s not the quickest rising prospect in the nation in many coach’s minds, he’s definitely the fastest riser in the state of Texas.
“I never thought I would get this much attention,” Washington said. “And it’s coming all of a sudden, too. I was just getting a few early calls in May, and then a few coaches came by the school to watch me work out. All of a sudden, I have 30 scholarship offers.”
Ah, Washington is living the life of a blue-chip recruit on the rise.
Washington was injured most of his junior year and only played in the first and the final three games of the season, so that might explain why some teams didn’t really take a good solid look at him until the spring. But when they did, they saw an amazing frame, a nose for the football and a physical presence that makes offensive linemen shudder with fear.
“I guess I’m just bigger and quicker than the other guys,” Washington said. “I go out there and use my ability to get to that quarterback. I use that and my strength to make plays.”
And he’s played his way onto the Rivals100 team, which signifies the top 100 players in the nation.
“I never thought about even getting ranked like that,” he said. “That’s really cool. I’m excited to hear that. I know a lot of others are good, too, but that’s something I can talk about when I’m old.”
But before he gets there, he has a college decision to make and it looks like it’s going to be a hard one.
Washington was leaning toward Texas and LSU early in the process, but he said those teams are now sort of fallen behind Florida, Ohio State and Miami.
“I’ve kind of changed my mind,” he said. “I need to call LSU and Texas and ask them about a few details. I’m still looking at them but I’ve changed my mind.”
Washington wouldn’t say what those details were, but he did say he liked the situations at Florida, Ohio State and Miami – which have all offered him – much better.
“Those are my three,” he said. “I’ve always liked Florida’s defense and The Swamp. Ohio State is a great school and I really like the college and the community and area around it. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. And then there’s Miami. They’re great on defense, aren’t they?”
Washington hasn’t made time to attend any camps because he’s been working this summer at Long John Silvers to help support his family. But hopefully someday with his stock soaring through the roof he’ll be able to really support his family.
“That’s a dream,” he said. “A big dream.”