Texas DE nearing a decision

Belton, Texas defensive end William Bell arrived in Lawrence on Saturday after taking his test. He is nearing a decision according to his step father.
“William called tonight,” Duane Holly said. “He got to go to a basketball game. He enjoyed that part of the visit. He said he would be getting home late on Monday. Since he didn’t get to Kansas until Saturday afternoon, he can be there until tomorrow.”
At one point, the 6-foot-4, 225-pound end had planned to go see Kansas State while he was that close already.
“He won’t be going to see Kansas State,” Holly said. “They’ve been in touch, but he can’t get there to visit. And we need to continue on with this process and reach a decision.”
The family plans a quiet period of their own when Bell returns home.
“We’re going to have a quiet period for a couple days when he gets back. We’ll talk about things and then help him find the best place to play. I’d like be able to watch him play. I want him to get a good education, though. I don’t want to be selfish in which school I want him at. We’ll find him a good place.”
Bell visited Missouri, Arizona State, TCU and Oklahoma State in addition to Kansas.