Texas DE favoring two schools

DeSoto, Texas defensive end Donald Horton has already started to get a lot of mail from colleges. So far, the mail has not included any scholarship offers.
“I get a lot of mail from schools telling me about their colleges and the football program,” the 6-foot-2, 250-pound Horton said. “It is already being an informative process.”
It hasn’t taken long for Horton to set two schools at the top of the list at this early date.
“I have really gotten to liking Oklahoma State and Oklahoma,” he said. “I went to see Oklahoma State practice at the Cotton Bowl with a friend of mine. They’ve stayed in touch since then. Oklahoma sends me a lot of mail, too.”
Horton is also drawing interest from Kansas, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Wisconsin and Penn State.
“I don’t get as much stuff from them as I do the other two, but I still get stuff from them. I want to learn more from them.”
Horton recorded 72 tackles and three quarterback sacks as a junior.
“I had several games where the other team was putting a double-team on me,” he said. “I’m hoping it works out for me to have a better season this next year.”