Texas DE adds one school to list

Dale Dixson, the #20 rated Strong Side Defensive End prospect from Garland, Texas is a Senior Star on a young team. “We haven’t won a game yet. We’re pretty young.”
Dixson, the Three-Star defensive end has put on a few pound without losing a step. He is up to 275 pounds from 265. He has increased his bench from 330 to 360 while concurrently pushing his squat from 505 to 530.
Although, his team struggles, Dale continues to attract attention. Georgia recently jumped into the recruiting picture which had been dominated recently by Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas A&M.
Dixson said, “You know how every so often someone you hadn’t thought of jumps into the picture? That is what happened with Georgia. If I ever want to really think about it, I have to look at Georgia because they send so many Defensive Linemen to the pros.”
Although he plans to wait until after the season to schedule visits, if he were to pick them now, Dale would choose the aforementioned quintet. “I want to wait a while because I don’t know who might come into the picture and I don’t want to waste a visit on someone that will be out of it later.”
Dale likes Notre Dame a lot though. “I always wanted to go there since I was small. The tradition and I know that I will get a good education.”
“The same thing at Nebraska. They have a real good graduation rate and I like their style of defense. It is far away but not too far away and there a lot of times that I just want to get away from home.”
What about Oklahoma? “Their style of defense and they’re not scared of playing anybody. I like their recruiting and defensive line coach too.”
“I would say that if I want to stay home I would go (to Texas A&M). I’ve been there four or five times and I liked it every time. I like their defensive line coach, Coach White. It’s like a big family down there.”