Texas athlete goes through long day

Grapevine, Texas athlete Henry Melton has had a long day with school, practice and phone calls.
“He’s been at it all day long,” Melton’s mother said. “Between school and practice and then the phone calls. He’s in bed. But, the phone rang kind of non-stop there.”
The 6-foot-3, 275-pounder’s phone had several schools dialing the number to reach the state’s No. 8 overall player.
“Texas, Florida State, SMU, LSU and one other school called today,” she said. “They didn’t start until this evening. But, when they did, it was back to back to back to back.”
The calls have been informative, but nobody has lined up an official visit yet.
“Henry hasn’t scheduled any visits, yet. He’s waiting a little bit to do that.”