Texas ATH still hopes to play QB

Arlington, Texas athlete Joe Jon Finley continues to play well on the field as a quarterback, but most schools are not sure he can translate that into college.
"I have some schools telling me I would be a tight end or a defensive end," the 6-foot-6, 200-pound Finley said. "I play quarterback. I hope I can continue to play quarterback. That is what I want to do."
Finley is still considering the same schools.
"I'm still looking at basically the same schools," he said. "Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Ohio State and Wisconsin are the ones."
Nebraska is able to offer one thing to Finley that no other school can. His brother played football there too.
"I know a lot about the program at Nebraska. My brother (Clint) played there. I do know some of what goes on up there."
But that alone won't be a deciding factor for Finley.
“I want to go where they want me,” Finley said. “I want to have a good coach as the quarterback coach.”