Texas ATH set to visit four

Duncanville, Texas athlete Pierre Brown has four visits lined up and has several schools trying for his final spot.
“I have four trips lined up,” the 6-foot-2, 180-pound Brown said. “I start with Texas A&M this weekend. Then Oklahoma (Dec. 12), Kansas State (Dec. 19) and LSU next month (Jan. 16). I don’t know if I’ll take a fifth one or not. I might try and squeeze the last one in too.”
Brown has had a coach from Texas A&M in this week.

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“Texas A&M was here a couple days ago,” the three-star rated Brown said. “That’s it so far. Arkansas told me they were coming in sometime soon. I don’t have a date from them for coming by the house. Missouri and Texas Tech told my coach they would be by the school next week. So, I’ll get a chance to talk to them when they are there next week.”
Brown rushed for 1,227 yards on the season.
“I felt pretty good about how things went,” he said. “I threw for about 450 yards or so. But, we just throw it six or eight times each game. So, it isn’t a big deal for our team.”
Brown expects a decision right after his final visit.
“When I get back from the last trip, I’ll make my choice. There won’t be any reason to wait then.”