Texas ATH holding lots of offers

Arlington, Texas athlete Joe Jon Finley currently has at least 20 scholarship offers to pick from.
"I hope I can find a place that will let me play quarterback," Finley said. "Most of the schools recruiting me are saying I can play quarterback. We'll see how things go when it all ends up as to where I play."

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Finley didn't want to name a leader, but did have a favorite five.
"I guess, my favorites would be Oklahoma, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Michigan. I don't want to name a leader among them, because I'm not ready to do that."
Finley hides nothing when he says what he's looking for in a school.
"I want to find an offense that will let me do what I do best," the 6-foot-6, 208-pounder said. "Oklahoma throws the ball a lot. That is appealing to a quarterback. But other schools have their strong points. My brohter played at Nebraska, so they will have some ties to me. Ohio State puts people into the NFL all the time. And Michigan has a history of quarterbacks moving on to the next level."