Texas ATH has the whole package

Angleton, Texas athlete Keith Toston is one of those enigmas wrapped in a riddle. He's a football player with track speed and basketball athleticism.
Toston was his district's offensive MVP in football, finished second in state in the long jump and was the district's defensive player of the year in basketball -- all as a junior.
The freakishly talented Toston, who plays running back and safety, knows football is his sport for the future and has a grand plan for the next five years. He wants to reach the NFL.

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"I've wanted to play college and pro football since little league," he said. "I know that picking a college is the next step in reaching my goal. I want to go to a school that will allow me to play early and I'd prefer to play running back. Choosing a school is important, but I know that if you can play that the NFL will find you."
Let's start with the college decision first. Toston has been offered by LSU, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas State, Missouri, Colorado, UTEP and SMU, but he feels more are coming.
"I was told that Texas, Miami and Texas A&M would offer is I went to their camps," he said. "I'm really pretty open right now, but I do want to make my decision before my first game this season."
According to Toston, he plans on attending Oklahoma State's camp in Houston, LSU's camp and Texas' camp this summer.
Could there be another factor in his decision? He has played football with friend and teammate Lamar Criss since little league.
"We've been friends forever," he said. "He's been offered by Northwestern and SMU so far and I know Oklahoma State is talking with him. We will probably end up going our own ways but it wouldn't be bad to play with him some more."
Criss, an all-district defensive back, shares the secondary duties with Toston.
Come to find out, Toston is not a bad campaigner either.