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Texas ATH hard to figure out

Cameron (Texas) Cameron Yoe athlete Billy Pittman has been a mystery to recruiting fans and college coaches for most of the recruiting season. You know what? He's also a mystery to his high school coach.
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"I talked to Billy about things just the other day," Cameron Yoe coach Randy Sapp said. "He really doesn't know what he's going to do or when he's going to do it.
"He's just so busy with basketball and all the other stuff that goes with being a high school senior. He does have his favorite schools, but he's still not sure when he's going to visit them."
Pittman has a visit set up with Nebraska for next weekend and many thought he might take a trip to either Texas or Texas A&M this weekend, but that's not in the cards.
"He's not going anywhere this weekend," Sapp said. "And I don't know where he stands with that Nebraska visit. I know he's talked a little about it, but that was a while back. He's not said much about it lately."
Even though Pittman is hard to figure out, the college coaches aren't giving up.
Coaches from Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Baylor, TCU and many others have been by school to speak with him and coach Sapp.
"Texas has probably been here the most," Sapp said. "They seem like they're always here. I know that Oklahoma was here earlier this week and spent most of the day.
"I haven't heard from A&M in a while since the new staff was hired. TCU is here and they're interested in Billy and another one of my kids. And Nebraska has been around, too."
But all of them leave without a clear-cut answer as to what Pittman, a four-star athlete is going to do.