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Texas AM strikes first with Allen

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas - If there are still colleges who don't know about the next big thing to come from South Grand Prairie, they may miss out on a 6-foot-4, 285-pound junior offensive tackle who already has the moves to be a top flight Division I prospect.
The prospect in the spotlight is Tray Allen who is starting just his first year of varsity football and making the most out of it. After tripping to camps at Texas A&M, Tulsa, and Texas over the summer, Allen was on the map and ready for big recruiting success. The ice broke quickly as the Aggies jumped in first and got his attention with their scholarship.
"I'm not sure if anyone else has offered other than A&M, but that was big for me," Allen said about the Big 12 offer that came just weeks ago. "The coaching staff is great there and I really like that team a lot. There are a lot of guys from the Metroplex that go there that I've known from years past."
His senior teammate Malcolm Williams is also going to be an Aggie he will know. That is something that the two have talked about already since his offer came.
"Malcolm told me he wants us to stay together and I'm taking that into consideration, but at the same time I've got to make my own decision and I'm completely open to what I'm going to do," Allen said. "I'm getting stuff from Texas, Florida State, Oklahoma, Florida, Oklahoma State, and Tulsa so far, so there is a lot for me to look at."
Coach David Fisher says that his top junior still has a ways to go, but improves on a daily basis with a lot of good coaching.
"There are very few sophomores that can come in like he did and play at the backup spot for the varsity squad," Fisher said. "He's really had to step up quick. He's got great natural talent, but our offensive line coaches do a tremendous job. You don't pick up great technique with that."
Fisher also added that he will probably take his time and not jump on anything too quick. Allen agrees.
"My team is first before anything else," Allen said. "I'm getting better each game and we're looking to win district right now. After the season, coach and I will sit down to start looking through all of my options."