Test, then visits for Glenville star

While many kids across the nation will be taking their first official visits of the year, Cleveland Glenville three-star receiver Ray Fisher will be taking his ACT for the first time this upcoming weekend.
"I'm not nervous about it," Fisher, who is 5-foot-8 and 160 pounds, said. "I've been studying really hard for it. I know I'm going to do really well."
Fisher, who missed most of the season with a stretched ACL injury, is working hard at getting back in shape physically. He's not been officially cleared yet, but he's already back running and cutting. He should be cleared for contact by January, he said.
"I think that might have worried some schools," Fisher said. "But the ones that have stuck with me, I'm going to visit."
Those schools look like Indiana, Maryland and Illinois. He's scheduled to visit Indiana either December 9 or December 16. He's not got dates in mind with the other schools on his list.
Fisher had previously listed Iowa, LSU, Ball State, Eastern Michigan and Wisconsin as teams that were calling him on a regular basis. He said some of those teams were still talking to him every once in a while, but not as regular as the three he'll visit for sure.