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Termin back on market, not by choice

Luke Termin and Rockwall (Texas) had their season come to an end in College Station in the state playoffs. Termin made the bus ride home after his last high school game in his pads. That was a bus ride of just over 200 miles.
"I couldn't have asked for a better year," Termin said. "We went as far as we could and conquered what we did. The guys on the team did great. You never expect for the season to come to an end."
Termin had some challenges coming in to his senior year after being so connected to the 2015 senior group. He really had to spend some time getting to know the team as it was this year and says that his numbers may have been down a bit on defense because of a position change.
"I had a real connection with the group of seniors a year ago and had to get to know my teammates this year and develop those relationships. That was cool. I was happy with my season playing defensive end. I was down in total tackles since I wasn't at outside linebacker. I played both ways and I hated coming off of the field."
Termin picked up his first offer after spring practices were through from UTEP. He was told that they liked him at a number of spots including playing on both sides of the football. The recruiting coach got approval by the head coach to offer and then through the summer things began to change. It was a sign of things to come because eventually the offer was completely pulled.
"Right after the spring Coach Patrick Higgins called and said that they liked me as a fullback or halfback and also on the defensive line," Termin said. "The head coach gave him the O.K. to offer. I was blown away for that D1 offer and from UTEP which is such a great program.
"Over the summer and the season they brought up the idea of doing a grayshirt. Coach Higgins was awesome and totally honest with me the whole time. He called me and kept in touch. Then my coach got a call from the defensive line coach at UTEP and they told him that they were pulling my offer."
Termin didn't hear from the UTEP staff directly until after they called his coach to tell him the news. Not once through the process did Termin hear from Sean Kugler the head coach at UTEP. There isn't an explanation that Termin can come up with looking in the mirror.
"The defensive line coach eventually called me," Termin said. "The head coach didn't call me once not even after I committed. They told my coach that there was a change in philosophy and said that was why they were pulling the offer. I didn't put on 40 pounds or lose any weight over the season. I didn't get hurt or in trouble. My grades didn't slip. In fact they improved during the season."
The news that Termin received would break the spirit of some. Not Termin though. He says that he's back at work with a person that he's had in his life for a long time. He's also on social media getting ready to do some self-promotion. He's close to having his senior highlights done as well.
"I've had a week without football and I am back in off season now," Termin said. "I am back at work and working hard. Our off season coach is someone that I have worked with forever. I have been working on Twitter and we are pretty close to getting my senior film done and out from this season as well."