Temple’s knee injury not serious

It didn’t surprise Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst running back Tony Temple that reports of his knee injury had already made the rounds.
“That didn’t take long to make it to you guys,” the 5-foot-10, 192-pound Temple said. “I went to school on crutches this morning because I didn’t know how bad it was. I was trying to keep weight off of it and keep people from bumping into me. But some people saw me on crutches and it went from there.”
The injury occurred during a 3-on-3 basketball game as Temple went up for a dunk.
“I went up and dunked it. The other guy came in under me and I came down wrong on my leg and twisted my knee. I went to the doctor today after school and had it checked out. It’s not bad at all. It is just bruised a little and swollen up. They told me to just ice it and take it easy on it and the swelling will go down.”
Temple had just returned from a visit to Kansas State’s spring game the day before the injury occurred.
“That was my first trip up to K-State,” Temple said. “It was also my first college spring game. I got the chance to visit with Coach (Bill) Snyder and many of the other coaches. I visited with some of the other top recruits while I was there too. I had a good time while I was there.”
Temple still doesn’t list a favorite team or even a list of top schools.
“I don’t have a list of schools. This whole process is still new to me. I’m getting lots of letters from schools from all over. I’m looking at several schools but I really don’t have any sort of favorites at all at this time.”
Temple’s summer plans may include visiting some camps, but he won’t be participating in them.
“Our coaches tell us if we want to go to just go and watch. I don’t need to participate, I can go and watch and get to talk to the coaches and learn more about the schools. I’ll probably do that at some of the local area schools so I can drive to them.”