Telemaque talks Michigan

Long Beach Poly (Calif.) defensive back Vaughn Telemaque took official visit No. 3 this past weekend to Michigan. The trip was unique in a lot ways for the talented safety but still drew high marks.
Telemaque, 6-2, 180 pounds has previously visited North Carolina and Oregon prior to his trip to Ann Arbor.
"It was great to be in the Big House and great to see my former teammate Donovan Warren again," Telemaque said. "I had a lot of fun on the trip and it was cool to hang out with the players on the team and get to know the coaches a little better.

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"They said this was the second biggest home crowd ever for Michigan and it was fun being part of such a big rivalry. At some points during the game, the crowd was really loud for Michigan and then when the team struggled, you would hear some boos but overall, it was a great home crowd and they're very passionate there.
"The Ohio State fans got pretty loud towards the end of the game too but it seems like as intense the rivalry is, it's a friendly rivalry because after the game, I saw a lot of fans from both teams hanging out together so that was kind of cool.
"It was interesting talking to the staff after the game because of all the speculation about Coach Carr and all. Coach Carr really didn't comment one way or the other about whether he would still be the coach next year. What he said was no matter what happens, Michigan is a great school and a school I should strongly look at no matter what.
"I talked to Coach English a lot and he told me the same thing. He said no matter what happens, my offer is still going to be there and he said they really need some safeties bad. He said there really is no other school that can compare with Michigan and just said no matter what, I should really give them a strong look.
"I definitely plan to consider Michigan no matter what but at the same time, when you build relationships with certain coaches and then they're gone, it's obviously going to affect you. Still I liked the visit a lot and have nothing but positives to say about the trip.
"I liked the city a lot, it's kind of fast paced like Los Angeles but still has a college town feel to it. I like the campus a lot and even though the weather was a little cold, Donovan told me you get used to it real fast.
"I'm still going to take my last two trips and right now, it will probably be to Colorado and Rutgers. I'll likely take an unofficial visit to USC and when I'm done with all five of my trips, that's when I'll make my decision.
"I have one school in mind right now but I'm keeping it to myself. I haven't ruled anyone out and I'm still open to everyone but there is one school I'm high on and I could make my decision sooner than people realize."