Tebow back from USC; decision nears

Saint Augustine (Fla.) Nease quarterback Tim Tebow has finally taken his last official visit and he saved, in some ways, the best for last. After all, Southern Cal has won 34 straight games and are looking for their third straight national title. So how did his visit to L.A. go and what's next?
"It was a really good visit, I enjoyed it," said the 6-foot-3, 217-pounder. "I am pretty tired but it was worth the trip for sure. I got to see a lot of things and got to see their offense up close. That offense is awesome and you can't help but imagine yourself in that role at quarterback."
Tebow spent most of his time with fellow quarterback Mark Sanchez as well as freshman wide receiver Patrick Turner as well as other recruits. However, he also got to meet Matt Leinhart and Reggie Bush.
"I talked to Mark about the quarterback situation and I hear he's a great player," Tebow said. "I know I'll have to compete wherever I go so I'm not really worried him being a freshman and all. I learned a lot about the offense and got to meet with the coaches quite a bit."
Tebow was there with quite an impressive array of recruits. Did coach Carroll talk to all of them about being Trojans?
"He said some things to us," he said. "Not really any differently than any other coaches though. I've been on some visits with great players to other places, so I've heard a lot of things."
Does the distance from Florida to USC factor in their chances?
"No sir, whatever me and my family need to do, we'll do," he said. "We flew all last night, leaving around 1 AM and it's tiring, but we'd manage if USC was the place for me."
Tebow knows his decision date is getting closer and closer.
"There's no relaxing even though it's my last visit," he said. "I have coaches coming in all week, I don't really know who and when though. My dad has all of that stuff but I know that every day is packed. Then we have our final game this weekend and then I have to decide next week. It's getting down to the end."
Have any of his five favorites -- Florida, Alabama, Michigan, LSU and USC -- been eliminated?
"No sir," he said. "They're all in there and I look forward to spending more time with the coaches. I am happy all the traveling is done though, it was a lot. I enjoyed each of my visits and learned a lot of new things about each school when I was there. I can't say that one school is above the others or anything like that."
What about the general consensus that it's a Florida-Alabama battle?
"I hear that all the time, but we haven't narrowed it down like that," he said. "We wanted to take all the visits, compare them all and then start narrowing down from there."
Will Tebow narrow down his list of favorites publically before announcing his decision?
"I'm not sure," he said. "We're going to hopefully narrow it down some and let some of the coaches know where we're at, but I'm not sure how far we'll get."
Tebow will announce his decision on Dec. 14 on ESPNU.