TE Tyler Blum summer update

Walnut, Iowa tight end/defensive end prospect Tyler Blum (6-foot-6, 235 pounds) has been spending his days on the baseball diamond for his high school this summer, yet football and recruiting has also been on Blum's mind.
"I think about recruiting as well as my options almost daily," Tyler Blum said. "It's not like I'm obsessing over it at all, because I'm not. I'm just putting things in the rear-view mirror until my baseball season is over. We play our last regular season game tomorrow, then we start the playoffs. We're 19-6 so far this season and we're playing pretty well."
Blum was able to fit in a few unofficial football visits earlier this summer.
"I made a trip to both Iowa and Iowa State with my parents earlier this summer. My Mom had never seen the Iowa campus before and she enjoyed the visit there. We're really familiar with both Iowa and Iowa State at this point, but I'm glad that we made the unofficial visits because we were able to sit and talk with the coaches at length as well as getting more information on the academics at each school."
As far as making his final college choice, Blum has a definite time-frame in mind.
"I would like to have a decision made before the start of my football season. I'm going to pick up my research after baseball is completed, then I'm going to give my recruiting and options some serious thought."