TE Moeaki talks Iowa visit

Wheaton (Ill.) South four-star ranked tight end prospect Anthony Moeaki (6-foot-4, 250 pounds) is sitting in the car heading back from his official visit to the University of Iowa as this story is being composed. So what did Moeaki think of his official visit to Iowa City?
“We got up to Iowa City on Saturday morning," Moeaki said. “I had a basketball game on Friday night, so we made the trip out early Saturday morning."
Moeaki talked about his official visit impressions from Iowa.
"It was a great visit. On a scale of one out of ten, with ten being the highest, I would rate my Iowa visit as a 9 and a half. I was really impressed with the relationship between the players and the coaches at Iowa, they all seem like a very close knit group and you could sense that all weekend long. The team also just gets along very well."
"Saturday we did the usual official visit things, like getting a chance to meet with the coaches as well as take tours of the campus and the facilities. We also met with several different academic advisors on Saturday. Saturday night we went to the team banquet and that was really fun. We then got to hang out with the team for awhile on Saturday night. This morning we ate breakfast at Coach (Kirk) Ferentz's house with all of the recruits and the families."
"I also really enjoyed getting to hang out with the other recruits this weekend. I get along really well with Dace (Richardson) obviously, as well as Jake (Christensen), Dan (Doering) and Rafael (Eubanks) and they made it even that much more fun."
Moeaki is for the most part finished with his official visits.
"I'm pretty sure that at this point I won't make a fifth and final official visit. I'm going to think my options over before I decide, and I have a really hard decision to make now. I'm not planning to make my final decision known until at least mid to late January."