TE Moeaki sets his first official visit

Wheaton (Ill.) four star ranked tight end prospect Anthony Moeaki (6-foot-4, 250 pounds) has set his first official visit for September 18th.
“I received about 20 to 25 calls last week," Anthony Moeaki said. “Most of those calls came the first two night that the coaches were allowed to make phone calls. I was on the phone for about four hours straight one night. I also set my first official visit to Brigham Young for September 18th."
Moeaki talked about making his first official visit to BYU as well as why he's decided to make an early official visit.
"I'm very interested in BYU for several reasons, plus I wanted to see how well they do against USC. USC travels to play BYU on September 18th, and I was able to fit that travel into my schedule for that weekend, so I decided to make my official visit to BYU that weekend. I wanted to see BYU play one of the best teams in the country in USC, and this is a great way for me to get a real up close gage at where the program at BYU is at on a national basis."
Moeaki talked about the flurry of phone calls he's received over the last week.
"At one point it was just crazy, especially on the first night. I was at a night practice the first night that the coaches were allowed to call, so I missed talking to a ton of coaches. I had calls going into voice mail, and the call waiting feature kept clicking in about every 5 minutes when I was home the next night. A few schools also tried calling my Mom's cell number to try to get a hold of me. I'm basically going to talk to the coaches when I'm available, but if I have homework I'm just not going to be able to talk to all of them. I'm most likely going to set a specific day and time for coaches to call. My family is going to help manage the calls for me as well."
"I was able to talk with Coach Mike Belotti from Oregon as well as with Randy Walker from Northwestern. I've also talked to coaches from BYU, Illinois and Ohio State. The talks went very well, we just talked about my season as well as how the coaches were doing."
Moeaki is hoping to get a college game in this Saturday.
"I'm trying to get out to see the Notre Dame/Michigan game this Saturday. I have to see if I have any Saturday responsibilities with my team before I can definitely say that I'm going or not."