TE Hiben sets first of three visits

Waconia, (Minn.) three star ranked tight end prospect Joey Hiben (6-foot-5, 235 pounds) from Waconia High School has set his first official visit date, and plans to set two more dates very shortly.
"I've set an official visit for Notre Dame on December 3rd," Joey Hiben said. "I'm also going to set two more official visits soon. I'm trying to look at my winter basketball schedule and find the right dates to make my two official visits. I'm looking at taking a visit to Stanford in late January, and most likely Purdue in mid-December."
Hiben also has noticed that several schools have slowed down on making phone calls to his this fall since he named his final three school choices.

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"The overall volume of calls has dropped off quite a bit over the last few weeks. My three favorites call weekly, but they call at a scheduled time and that seems to work really well."
Hiben also admitted that his final three college choices are on his mind more and more these days.
"I was in class the other day, and I was in the middle of taking a quiz and I found myself drifting off and thinking about all three schools. I keep telling myself that it makes no sense to get really jacked up about any one school until I make my official visits. Some days I want the whole recruiting process to be over with, and other times I'm fine with waiting until I take my visits before I make any decisions."
Has things gotten any easier for Hiben, or is he feeling the pressures brought on by his high profile recruiting?
"Some days I should just wear a t-shirt that says Notre Dame, Stanford and Purdue in no order. Kids in school and teachers ask me all the time what's going on, and it's very flattering to get that kind of attention. I just want to be like the rest of the kids in school. I tell people that id things change I'll let them know. I know they are interested and that's great, but it can get on my nerves. I also realize how lucky I am to have the options that I have, and that definitely brings me back down to earth."