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TE Hiben is buried in voice mail

Waconia, (Minn.) three star ranked tight end prospect Joey Hiben (6-foot-5, 235 pounds) has been drawing calls from colleges from across the country so far in September.
"The calls on the first night in particular were crazy, and it got sort of bad," Joey Hiben said. "I wasn't able to talk with several coaches the first night because so many of them wound up in voice mail. I would say that I've gotten more than 30 calls at this point."
Hiben was able to speak with a handful of coaches however.
"I spoke with coaches from Princeton and Notre Dame so far. I really enjoy talking with all of the coaches, but it's also getting to the point where I'm just going to be very honest with several coaches and let them know that I'm just not interested in their program. I hope they can appreciate that and I don't want to lead anyone on at all."
Hiben also started this season with a big 49-14 win last Friday night to open his senior season.
"I played tailback for the first time in a game, and I had 9 carries for 125 yards and scored two touchdowns. I played for about a half and it was really fun to get back to playing again."
Hiben claims his early favorites have remained the same and features Notre Dame, Stanford, Purdue, Minnesota and Illinois. Will Hiben get to take in any college games this fall?
"I want to eventually get to a few games, but it all depends on my schedule."