TE Frost Busy This Summer

Lyndhurst (Ohio) Brush tight end Marcel Frost is emabrking on a summer tour of sorts to see some of his top schools.
"We really enjoyed out trip to Boston College," said Marcel's mother. "I was very impressed with the academic support they give their players and they had a handout showing their graduation rates which were nearly the best in the country. I also liked the area and the campus. It's a smaller school."
So how did it compare to the others so far?
"We've only been to UConn and Michigan and of course we've seen Ohio State," she said. "UConn was nice but it was in the country and somewhat far away from everything while Michigan was a much, much bigger school -- like Ohio State."
Frost, who caught 62 passes and scored 11 times during his junior season, has offers from BC, Michigan State, Iowa, Maryland, Pitt, South Carolina, Wisconsin and some others.
"We're going to take our time and try to see some other schools this summer," she said. "We'd like to see Maryland and South Carolina and some others down south."