TE Eatmon quietly amassing offers

For a young man that has received ten scholarship offers to date we have heard surprisingly little from Bucyrus (Ohio) Wynford tight end Teven Eatmon.
Keeping a low profile is just fine with Eatmon, as it apparently hasn't hurt his standing with any colleges.
The 6-foot-7, 280-pound tight end is obviously a candidate for offensive tackle in the college ranks, and he has offers from Indiana, Syracuse, Louisville, Iowa State, Bowling Green, Kent State, Toledo, Akron, Ohio and Western Michigan.
Eatmon's last visit was to Bowling Green about two weeks ago and he said the Falcons impressed him. He was impressed with the coaching staff and the focus of the players as they performed without the coaches pushing them.
"I'm going to Maryland on Wednesday and then I'm going to Syracuse on Thursday," Eatmon explained. "My quarterback is going up to Maryland because he's got an offer from them, so they're taking me along so I can go to Syracuse with them.
"I'd just like to go see every school that's ofered so far. I'm still open as far as that goes. I plan on taking my officials but I don't have a time frame for anything. I'm just going to see how it goes. Whichever schools stick out the most ... those are the places I'll visit. I want to see all the schools that have offered before I start cutting anybody."
Eatmon has been giving some thought to the location aspect of his decision, and he isn't totally sure just how that will factor in yet.
"I've been thinking about it but I haven't come to a decision on it. I'm still debating whether I want to go to school close to home or far away. I'll probably just base things on each school and whether it fits for me."