Taylor has plenty of attention

There is one sure way to reach Adrian Taylor of Mansfield (Texas), who has quite the following from numerous college coaches that can't make phone calls during this period of the cycle.
Text messaging has become the new standard in communication, especially over the summer, to reach top targets such as 6-foot-5, 280-pound Taylor and express interest. There are no complaints from this young man who is still feeling out the waters.
"It's every few minutes it seems like," Taylor said. "I'd say I get the most from Kansas or Arizona. It's a lot. I might wait a day and then try to get back to them on the phone."

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The Sooners had seemed to be in the drivers' seat for sometime and though it hasn't changed, things are more opened up than in the past.
"Yeah they're up there, but I wouldn't say they're the favorite," Taylor said. "I don't have a full list and there are a lot of those schools up there like Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Arizona, and Utah."
"It's not as much of a big deal to stay close to home anymore now that I've thought about it. That would limit my choices of a lot of schools."
The most important thing for Taylor has nothing to do with football. In fact, it will be which one gives him a quality education.
"I've just got to have a good education," he said. "I think the ranking of the academic facilities and quality of education is huge with me. The numbers don't lie. I'm actually thinking of being a drama major so coaches are getting back to me on what kind of programs each school has."
Taylor is rated as the No. 73 overall prospect in the state of Texas.