Tar Heels on top for Florida WR

O.J. Ross is a four-star wide receiver prospect from Daytona Beach Mainland High School. Ross, 5-10 and 175 pounds, has 10 receptions for 192 yards and four touchdowns this season. That's in three games. Before game four he injured his ankle in practice and hasn't played since.
"I just missed two games," Ross said. "We have a game this weekend and then we have a bye week. It's a high ankle sprain. I went for a ball too low at practice and a DB landed on my leg. It's killing me not playing but I will be back in two weeks."
Ross will officially visit Purdue (10-16) next weekend. The Boilermakers are in the hunt and they along with everyone else is chasing another team.
"North Carolina is my favorite. I think they are having a good season. I have seen them and they are a little down with receivers. That's a big plus for me. I will visit them after the season for sure.
"I also want to visit Rutgers and Kentucky."
Mainland, 3-2 on the season so, plays Spruce Creek on Friday.