Tampa RB/LB is wide open

Ronnie McCullough of Tampa (Fla.) Hillsborough is one of the top prospects from the Tampa Bay area this year. The 6-foot-1, 210 pound running back and linebacker camped at the University of Florida earlier this summer and received the MVP award for both positions.
Ronnie McCullough has received written scholarship offers from Florida Atlantic, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers, South Florida, UCF, UConn, and Virginia. Many more schools are interested. So is Ronnie thinking about setting up any official visits?
"As of right now, no I'm not really sure what five I want to use right now," he said.
McCullough also declined to name any favorites. He maintains that he's about as wide-open as it gets at this point.
"No, not really," McCullough said when asked about favorites. "I'm just trying not to think about it too much because I want to focus on the season. A lot of people were asking me those questions at the Gators camp about if I had a top five and I was saying no, not really."
McCullough attended the UF camp over the summer and earned the MVP award both for the running backs and linebackers. In high school he plays running back and fullback.
"They rotate (me between tailback and fullback)," McCullough said. "It depends. Sometimes I'm back there by myself, sometimes I'm in the I in the front so it depends on the play."
McCullough also plays middle linebacker on defense. He's being recruited by different schools for all three positions (RB, FB, LB).
"I guess it depends on what school," McCullough said. "Some want me as a running back and others linebacker. Not too many want me as a fullback. Probably mostly running back or linebacker."
Does he have a preference between playing offense or defense in college?
"It doesn't really matter," McCullough said. "It depends on the scheme. If we're going to spread the ball out and throw it then I'd probably rather be on defense. If we're going to run the ball then I'd rather be on offense. It really depends on the scheme of the team."
Ronnie McCullough is going to take his time in the recruiting process so don't expect an early decision.
"I'm going to wait till the season is over with and then I'll take it from there," McCullough said. "I might receive some more offers and another school might stand out later on so I'll pretty much wait till the end."
Ronnie McCullough is rated as the No. 48 prospect in Florida in the latest edition of the Top 100.