Tampa LB/RB Has One Offer, Expects More

Iowa, Iowa State, Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Auburn, Kansas State, LSU, Vanderbilt... Those are just a few schools that have stopped by Hillsborough High School in Tampa this month to see Ronnie McCullough.
"Everything is going good so far," McCullough said. "Schools are coming by like everyday now. I can't remember all of them."
McCullough, who could either play inside linebacker or fullback at the next level, has one scholarship offer on the table and a couple more are expected to follow.

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"Pittsburgh has offered me," McCullough said. "The coach from USF came out to practice today and he told my coach he thinks they'll probably offer me in the next week. Same with the coach from UCF. As of right now the only official offer is from Pittsburgh."
McCullough, who has a 3.3 grade point average and has already received a qualifying test score on the SAT, says right now all schools recruiting him are in the running for his services.
"No, I don't really have any favorites," McCullough said. "I still have to wait and sit down to talk to my parents to see what we want to do. All the schools recruiting me are good schools and I haven't turned any of them down."
McCullough said the schools recruiting him were split on where they preferred him in college, be it at fullback or linebacker.
"Some schools are recruiting me as a running back and some for linebacker," McCullough said. "It's just depending on the school."
Does he have a preference on which position he plays in college?
"No, not really," McCullough said. "I'd rather get a shot at both and then play at whichever one I'll do the best at."
McCullough said graduation rate, the availability of his desired major, and each school's depth chart would all factor into his college decision. He doesn't think he'll make a decision early.
"I'll probably take all the visits first so I can get a feeling for each campus," he said.
McCullough said he plans to attend at least two football camps this summer but hasn't decided on which ones. Hillsborough High School hosts Chamberlain in a spring jamboree on Thursday, May 23rd.