Talifero hopes to get rolling

Denzel Talifero has put up major statistics the past few seasons and after transferring to Duarte, Calif., he's trying to get even more recruiting exposure this season.
Plus, Talifero is playing both ways and has taken over the quarterback role for his school so he's hoping to show off his athletic ability and possibly land a few offers as his senior season continues.
No one thinks Talifero will play quarterback in college but if he can show how athletic he can be with the ball in his hands then maybe a few college coaches might take notice and consider him for linebacker.

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"I actually started off just trying to play a little bit, just trying to get in and show my athleticism," Talifero said.
"I ended up getting better so now I'm the starting quarterback. On defense, I'm still playing linebacker."
Talifero is mainly hearing from Colorado and UCLA and recently Boise State, San Jose State and Oregon State have shown some interest.
The Duarte standout is putting together a highlight tape from early games this season and plans to send them out in the coming days.
The hope is that after more coaches see him play quarterback and linebacker, see that he's put up big numbers the past few seasons, that a few offers could come his way.
"By the end of this week I should have my film showing highlights from the first couple games that we've had so far," Talifero said.
"We have a bye right now so I'd like to get some of those tapes out to some colleges and see if we could get some things rolling."