Taft Prospects Part 2 – Lance Brodus and More...

Junior to Watch: Taft Prospects Part 2 – Lance Brodus & Friends…
School: Woodland Hills-Taft (CA)
Position: Linebacker

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Size and Speed: Lance stands 6-2, weighs 225 and runs the 40 in 4.6
Statistics: This guy has to be accounted for on every play. Brodus collected over 90 tackles, seven sacks, five caused fumbles and two picks as a junior. He is known for blowing plays up.
Honors: All-State, All-City, All-Area and All-League.
Favorite Schools: No favorites yet, but Lance is hearing from everybody. Should have his pick of schools.
The Skinny: Brodus is an absolute manchild and a tremendous hitter! He loves collisions; so if you go watch a game of his, wear your seatbelt. There will be hitting. Brodus attacks the football and when he gets to the ball the remains of opponents in the way will remind you of a train wreck.
“Lance can run and Lance can hit,” said Taft head coach Troy Starr. “He flys around the field and makes play-after-play,” added Starr. Another source close to the program said, “Brodus puts the fear of God in his opposition.”
You don’t see running backs get alligator arms to often but when Brodus is on the loose running backs and everyone else in his way are taking cover.
“Lance is the real deal,” said Starr. “Believe it or not, Lance is still developing and is just beginning to tap into his potential.”
There are some who say flat out – “Lance is the best linebacker on the West Coast, bar none.”
Lance is close academically and has some work to do and if he does, he should be all right.
When this talented linebacker qualifies he will have no shortage of suitors…
MORE... Taft is also the school of one of the fastest football players in California and this speed demon’s name is Noah Smith (6-0, 165, 4.35). “I believe that Noah is the fastest football player in California,” said Troy Starr. Noah ran the 200 in 21.03 and the 100 in 10.54, both times were clocked electronically!
Yes we know he's a talented track performer, but it will be on the gridiron that this standout will earn his scholie. Smith could end up on a D1 roster as either a cornerback or a wide receiver. He’s an excellent cover corner, but he should get his first action as a wideout. Noah caught 48 passes for over 1,100 yards as a junior.
When you have the speed that Noah possesses; you attract attention. You can’t teach Noah’s speed. Maybe that’s why UCLA and Ohio State have already offered the talented youngster a scholie…
One More Before We Go... There is one more player from Taft high school we have to keep our eyes on. The D1 schools are and this young man’s name is Paul Pratt (5-10, 180, 4.5). Pratt is an outstanding two-way performer as a defensive back and wide receiver. On the offensive side of the ball, Pratt caught 45 passes for 800 yards. On D, Pratt was like a blanket, picking off seven passes. Paul has already received recruiting attention from teams in the Pac 10, Mountain West and WAC…
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