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Tabbs stock is soaring

Not long ago Jack Tabb received word that Florida was offering him a scholarship. That was obviously huge news and it could signal that the floodgates are about to open.
If you expected the offers to start pouring in at a rapid rate for Tabb you were right.
North Carolina and West Virginia have now thrown their hats into the ring by sending scholarships to the 6-foot-4, 230-pound prospect from New Jersey.
"A guy from West Virginia came by today and he told my coach they were offering," Tabb said on Tuesday evening. "I don't think they can really talk to you during this time. He told my coach and he said hello to me, then went along with his business. It was great and I was a little surprised.
"I know they run the spread so I'm kind of interested to see how they use their tight ends. From what I've heard they use them differently than what I thought. You're not just blocking all the time. They have you moving around. There's double slot and a lot of motion, which I like."
It certainly sounds as though West Virginia is a school Tabb will be looking at. He's also very interested in North Carolina.
"Their tight ends coach came up to the school," he said of UNC. "It was the same thing with West Virginia. I met him real fast and my coach told me they really like my size. They put the offer in the mail.
"I know they've got that one tight end, Eric Ebron. That doesn't make any difference, though. I like UNC and I think I want to go see them. They do use their tight ends a lot, which I saw in their spring game (on television). I'm interested to go see them and their campus."
As of now Tabb plans on visiting Pitt this summer. He said he might go visit West Virginia while he's in that general area.
He is still planning on taking a trip to Florida, and he plans on visiting several other schools such as North Carolina, Duke, Central Florida, South Florida and maybe even Miami, if the 'Canes show interest.