Tabb planning long road trips

A few months ago Jack Tabb was a relative unknown in the recruiting world. How quickly things can change.
With offers from schools such as Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and plenty others, Tabb can rightfully claim to be one of the top prospects in New Jersey as well as the entire region.
More than a few schools have had coaches in his ear trying to convince him to make it out to their campus over the summer. Tabb is planning on being away from home quite a bit in the coming months.

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"I'm only going to the Boston College camp. That's the only camp I'll be at. I'm just going to that because a few of my teammates are going. I'm definitely going to visit a lot of schools, though," Tabb noted.
"I'm going down to visit Florida and on the way I'll most likely visit North Carolina, Virginia and NC State -- schools like that.
"I'm also going to visit Pittsburgh, and since I'm doing that I'll probably visit West Virginia, Cincinnati and schools of that nature."
Tabb is planning on taking some official visits in the fall but admitted he might consider making an early decision if he finds the right fit after only an unofficial visit.
"I've been told it's been worth it to take those visits," he said.
Tabb said he would probably visit at least a couple of schools at the very top of his list, as well as a couple of schools he wouldn't be able to make it to otherwise. One school that is under consideration for an official visit is Oregon. He would have great difficulty making that trip were it not for his allotted officials, and the Ducks have been sending him mail and e-mails expressing interest lately.
Recently the recruiting process has slowed down a little bit for Tabb. That was bound to happen, as he couldn't have maintained the torrid pace of the past couple of months when nearly all of his offers came in.
"It's slowed down a little bit. My most recent (offer) was from Virginia," he recalled. "I had gotten one piece of mail and had one of their coaches come up to my school that day just to tell me they were offering. I actually had given them some thought because it's a very good academic school. They've got a new coach for football. I'll definitely do some research on them."